Finish time: 75 days, 8 hours, 59 mins

The Dominion Atlantic WaterBabes at the finish

8 April 2010 - What next?!

Well, after 2 years planning, 7 weeks in La Gomera and 75 days at sea it's all over and what a time we have had!

Whilst this was no doubt the most physically, mentally and emotionally challenging thing any of us has ever done I think I can speak for the whole team when I say that it was also the most amazing, life changing and fun thing we have ever done.

The common thing we all keep mentioning is how much we laughed even in the face of awful, soul destroying conditions. We also found something to smile about and we all feel really fortunate that we shared such an unusual experience.

Of course, it wouldn't have been possible without the help of some extra special people who ensured that we had a safe and problem free crossing.

Whilst there were numerous people involved and we will thank them all individually now we are back we would especially like to thank the following:-

Mic (Kiley's dad) - boat renovator, fund raiser, blogger

Rich (Kiley's boyfriend) - Electrician and weather reporter

Mike Etienne - boat artiste extraordinnaire

Mark Dempsey - website

Lou (Jo's girlfriend) - daily progress updates

Phil - Watermaker

Anne, Pat and Mal (the mums), Marc and Michael - food packers, paint strippers and Anne for her blogs

Cheryl - For lending us her house for 4 months

Annie Queree, Loz, Rico, Tess, Martin and Adrian Willis and everyone else who sent such inspirational and sometimes hilarious messages that kept us going through all the tough times

If anyone has been missed out please put that down to the fact that 11 weeks at sea can do strange things to a girls brain!

We're all back at work now and Sarah and I especially are finding normal life hard to settle back in to. People said it would be a life changer but I don't think we realised how much until now. Until we all decide what comes next I think Jo is going to enjoy some well deserved time with Lou, Karen is going to focus on her rugby and climbing, Sarah is working on putting back on the weight she lost and pumping those pins back up and I will be going for surgery to have my coccyx removed...ouch!

After that...who knows............

Checkered flag

20 March 2010 - Mission Accomplished !

The Dominion Atlantic Waterbabes have now crossed the finish line, which means that they have crossed the Atlantic Ocean!

After a little over 75 days at sea, the girls have reached Antigua safe and sound in a time of 75 days, 8 hours and 59 minutes. The team placed 11th overall - an amazing achievement.

Friends and family were waiting in Antigua for the girls and it was an exciting time for everyone when they finally arrived. The girls received a very warm welcome and are looking forward to a few beers and some decent food, as well as a good night's sleep!

There will be an updated blog from the girls as soon as they can manage it.

Image of the Atlantic Waterbabes out on the Atlantic
The Atlantic Waterbabes out on the Atlantic

Further support from Dominion

The Atlantic WaterBabes would like to thank their main sponsors, Dominion, for offering further financial support to reduce the additional costs that the Waterbabes have faced due to the four week delay to the race start.

The entire rowing fleet was stranded in port for an additional four weeks due to unusually poor weather in the Atlantic. This four week delay has caused significant extra cost and is likely to require additional unpaid leave to be taken by some of the crew members. This further support from Dominion is very gratefully received.

Don't forget you can keep up with the girls daily on their blog page, and you can track their progress at

Image of the Atlantic Waterbabes and Mission 'Missy' Atlantic out on the water
The Atlantic Waterbabes and Mission 'Missy' Atlantic
finally on their way

4 January 2010 - We're off at last

After a 26 day delay to the start of the race due to storms in the Atlantic, the weather improved sufficiently to allow the race to cross the start line. We set off from La Gomera, Canary Islands, at 1.30pm on Monday 4 January 2010, and are heading for the finish line off Cape Shirley in Antigua.

We hope you have enjoyed reading of our experiences while frustratingly being marooned on a beautiful tropical island. Further updates of our adventures at sea will be posted on our blog page. The exact position of Dominion Mission Atlantic (boat number 3) can be followed on the official race website,, which is updated daily.

If you do not currently receive our crew newsletter but would like to, please sign up using the link on the contact page on this site.

Dominion, the Atlantic Waterbabes and Mission 'Missy' Atlantic
Dominion, the Atlantic Waterbabes and Mission 'Missy' Atlantic

12 November 2009 - Dominion become Title Sponsors

We are delighted to announce that Dominion have become Title Sponsors of the Atlantic WaterBabes.

With only two weeks to go until we leave the Island to prepare for the race in La Gomera, Dominion have accepted our proposal to become Title Sponsors and a key part of the Atlantic WaterBabes team.

Without the financial backing from local companies such as Dominion, our involvement in the race simply wouldn’t be possible and we cannot thank them enough for their generous support. Securing a Title Sponsor at this stage means that we can turn our full attention to final race preparations in the four weeks until the race starts. We are now really looking forward to this personal challenge we have set ourselves and hope that with the backing of our sponsors, families and friends, that we can achieve our goal of breaking the womens fours record of 51 days, 7 hours and 31 minutes.

This title sponsorship forms part of Dominion’s overall commitment to supporting and growing local sport, adding to their current sponsorship agreements in place with the Jersey Rugby Football Club Academy, the Jersey Netball Association, Jersey Junior Athletics Club, local triathlete Daniel Halksworth and goalkeeper Euan Vandervilet.


We are delighted to announce that CB Richard Ellis and Active Group have recently signed up as Silver sponsors and they will be joining us at the launch party on 3 October. We couldn't do this without the support we have received from them and other businesses, friends and family and would like to express our gratitude.

If you are interested in supporting us in any way no matter how small we would be extremely grateful and you can do this via the Sponsor Us page.

We will soon be meeting one of our Silver sponsors, CB Richard Ellis, to do a photo shoot with the oars that they have very kindly sponsored for our boat 'Mission Atlantic'. Keep a look out in the local paper for the press release announcing their support of us....


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